Authoring Tools

eLearning Authoring Tools

An eLearning authoring tool is a software that allows you to create digital training content in specific eLearning format. You can publish the content to all the learners via a learning management system (LMS), or on the web.  It is commonly used by instructional designers in L&D teams to create training materials.

Authoring tool allows anyone with minimum technical knowledge and skills, to create eLearning content rapidly. It has built-in functions to create interactive, multimedia, multi-device compatible content. Many tools also support assessments, quizzes.

Some of the features in an eLearning authoring tool software :

• User friendly interface
• Branching scenarios
• Assessments
• Multimedia capabilities
• SCORM compliance
• Mobile learning support
• Integration with learning management system (LMS)
• Multiple Language translation

There are 3 types of eLearning Authoring tools:

• PowerPoint-Based authoring tool
    e.g. Adobe Presenter & Articulate Studio
• Standalone authoring tool
    e.g. Articulate Storyline & Lectora Inspire
• Cloud-based authoring tool
    e.g. Elucidat, Lectora & Easy Generator

Following are some of the authoring tools:

Docebo Shape

• Easy to use, versatile authoring tool available at competitive pricing.
• Shape can create amazing content in minutes with nice audio,visual     effects for typical micro learning.
• Shape content can be published and shared as URL, Tincan     package or directly deploy in LMS.
• Shape authoring tool can be essentially used with any LMS
   including Docebo.
• It can produce content in 11 different languages in minutes…
   Italian, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Russian Chinese to name

Docebo Shape

For quick micro eLearning nuggets creation, Docebo Shape is one of the most versatile and affordable authoring tools.

For traditional, capable authors this is an effective tool for producing HTML5 content authoring tool. (Built in API for interface with Docebo LMS).

This cloud-based tool helps big employers drive down the cost business-critical training (Built in API for interface with Docebo LMS).

Desktop PowerPoint-based tool that’s a great option for novice learning designers who don’t have to worry about updating content regularly for quick micro learning creation.

Storyline 360

Storyline 360 Ideal for individual users who prefer PowerPoint, with an added layer of customization.

Rise 360

Users with access to Articulate 360 can produce simple elearning courses fairly quickly, its fully-browser based eLearning authoring tool.