eLearning Content Creation​

Content is the heart of any learning

Based on Client’s needs, Content Launch time and Budget; there are two approaches to acquire content in today’s eLearning world:

1) Go for ready-made course (also known as off-the-shelf) provided by eLearning courses library provider - which caters to common characteristic needs of major clientele or
2) Create custom tailored courses pertaining to specific needs of client.

Nixfon supports 2 types of eLearning Content:

Custom Content Creation

If content is solid but delivery is not enjoyable, neither the company nor the learner is benefited. Custom content will keep learners engaged with the right learning content, for longer knowledge retention and drastic improvement in the way learners do everyday tasks. We blend our passion for technology and instructional design with your subject matter expertise. Together, we’ll find the best approach for your budget.

Custom content pricing is typically driven by following 4 main factors:

The Time Duration

Pricing is decided based on the time duration of eLearning course (also known as Seat time). For example:

● 15 minutes (Short)
● 30 minutes (Intermediates)
● 45 minutes (Long)

The Level Of Complexity And Interactivity

Pricing is directly proportional to interactivity and complexity of the course. Below is the classification of custom content levels based on complexity/interactivity:

● Level 1 - Static screens with low interactives.
● Level 2 – Animated screens with interactives.
● Level 3 – Animated screen with complex interactivities, gaming

The Volume of Content (Number of Slides)

Pricing is also decided based on volume & format of the content as follows:

● Number of screens of eLearning content. (1 slide of the original content need not correspond to 1 screen of eLearning)
● Content format and content readiness.

Other Special Needs

Pricing is affected by Special Needs as follows:

● Multi-lingual content.
● Voice-over by Text-to-Speech or recording (Professional/Internal).
● Video Production, Animated video, Virtual studio recording.

Off the Shelf : Nixfon with Go1 Content Library

Go 1 is all your e-learning needs in one location. Curated content from well-known learning providers on every topic you will need.

  • ● 70,000+ courses curated from 196 of the top e-learning providers

  • ● A wide range of topics by global, regional, and specialised providers

  • ● Courses available in different languages

Go1 course categories:
Accounting, Finance, Business Skills, Compliance, Computer Science, Customer Service, Health & Safety, Retail, Productivity and Sales to name few