Learning App & Gamification ​

Learning Apps

Mobile applications or Apps is now one of the most widely used tools in our everyday life. It is so convenient, easy to use and more importantly we can use it anywhere and whenever we like. Organizations started experimenting with apps for learning and found it to be a perfect tool for on demand learning and also for their mobile workforce. With the growing adoption of Microlearning and Gamification, the adoption of Apps for the training of employees which is bite size and more interactive content and gamified learning paths and assessments is on the rise.

Nixfon develops custom learning apps for organizations based on their specific learning needs and skill sets. We have a team of developers who can bring to life your learning subject in a fun, interactive and impactful way that your users would love to engage with.


Gamification of learning is a relatively new approach for increasing learners’ motivation and engagement by incorporating game design elements in learning environments. With the growing popularity of gamification, this approach to learning is gaining traction among the millennials. Gamification also helps to create stickiness for the program or courses conducted via interaction with other learners and collaboration among peers.

Nixfon can help organizations to structure gamified learning content around their product training, onboarding, service offering or even health and safety training.