Custom Software Development ​

Helping Clients on their digital journey

These 3 words define the way we develop software solutions that improve your business process efficiency and effectiveness.

  • THINK… We think, research and identify methods of improving business processes within your organization.
  • CHANGE… We look at current business processes and introduce technology that increases your organization’s competitive advantage.
  • SUSTAIN… Our dedicated team ensures support is provided long after the sales is completed.

Our Unique Selling Proposition is as follows…
◉ Expert pre-project consultation
◉ Collaborative software design and development
◉ Web application are created with highest level of security
◉ Prompt rollout, and post-sales support

Seize this opportunity to partner Nixfon in developing solutions that enhance your business and improve your bottom-line.

Some of the systems that we have developed are :-

Learning and Competency Management System

A comprehensive yet an easy to use system, our Learning & Competency Management System helps you assess your competency level against the recommended level based on your current position. With an extensive development advisory feature, our system would be able to recommend courses, reflect & develop, mind boosters and on-the-job activities to bridge the gap you have in your competency result.

HR and Productivity Management System

A web-based and user-friendly assessment system that helps you monitor the growth of your HR Maturity, Innovation and Productivity of your company, focusing on companies with not more than 250 employees. With a recommended appropriate interventions feature in the system, companies would be able to evaluate their current growth and request for training that able to help them build their companies into where they want to be.

Knowledge Management System

A web-based knowledgebase system that is user friendly and not cumbersome to use. It facilitates easy access to information within the company and encourages knowledge sharing among employees in the company. It also supports easy uploading of information, quick search, extensive database and unique query engine.

E-Learning System

An easy to use E-Learning system that stores video, flash and text documents in multiple format, user friendly interface, easy navigation buttons for uploading, downloading and viewing of learning content.

Price Comparison System

A web-based system to create price comparison portals. It includes all components necessary to launch an impressive portal from product management to advertisement management.

Information Retrieval & Retention System

Ideal system for Banks and Big corporations, Information Retrieval and Retentions System is a central system that captures all critical business documentation like Standard Operating Procedures, Memos, Manuals, Training Materials, Announcements, and Document Formats. This system actually help organizations retain critical information within them and not lose it when employees leave or resign from the organization.

Training Center Management System

A complete solution to manage training centers. This includes storing course details, training schedules, participant training history and much more. It is ideal for training centers and educational institutions.

Custom Solutions

We understand that not ALL off-the-shelf solutions can help your unique needs when it comes to managing your learning. With our in-house experienced software architects and engineers, we are confidence that we are able to cater your unique needs.